Brunnhóll Guesthouse is owned and run by Sigurlaug Gissurardóttir and Jón Kristinn Jónsson. They bought the farms at Árbær and Brunnhóll in 1980. In the early years it was run mainly as a dairy farm, to which the newcomers added a small stock of sheep.  Sheep farming was discontinued in the middle of the 1990s. Sigurlaug and Jón Kristinn started operating tourist services at Brunnhóll farm in 1986. Demand was great from the beginning and over the years Brunnhóll Guesthouse has extended to its current state. Second generation of the family has taken over the dairy farm, giving Sigurlaug and Jón Kristinn the opportunity to commit themselves entirely to the wellbeing of their guests.

Brunnhóll is a family-friendly Guesthouse which takes pride in personal service and welcoming atmosphere. Being a country Guesthouse, it gives visitors a fascinating insight into traditional farming methods in Iceland and daily life in the country.

Brunnhóll Guesthouse operates in the spirit of Agenda 21, with the emphasis on high-quality service and respect for the environment. The aim is endorse sustainable development, guided by a desire to protect the interests of the generation now living and generations to come.

The family and staff at Brunnhóll will therefore

  • Cultivate the heritage of past generations while marking out their course for the future
  •  Make every effort to keep the immediate environment attractive and unspoilt
  • Reduce pollution and the waste of resources by recycling, energy saving measures, and the use of environmentally friendly materials, and ensure that its drainage, discharge and supply systems have no adverse effects on the environment
  • Support the conservation and upkeep of sites of natural beauty and cultural interest
  • Use Icelandic goods and local services wherever possible when these are available at competitive prices and meet our required quality standards
  • Give priority in employment to qualified local people or people from areas of high unemployment
  • Keep ourselves and our staff abreast of developments in environmental issues, and encourage our guests and suppliers to join us in protecting the environment
  • Strengthen ties with the local authorities, other companies and residents of the region
  • Meet all the legal and regulatory environmental requirements that affect our operations