Brunnhóll guesthouse
1986 – 2019

We are proudly preparing for the 35th year, 2020.
Brunnhóll has gradually been built up as it can be seen here.

The story in short

In 1980 we bought Brunnhóll and Árbær. Then and now here was a cow farm and until the year 1996 some sheep. The year 1986 began the operation of the guesthouse in an old apart on the farm. We rebuilt the former farmhouse and step by step the guesthouse has grown and the service has become more diverse. We are family friendly and special emphasis has been on accessibility to disabilities.
Environmental issues have taken a major place.
We are looking forward and proudly we are preparing for the 35th year, 2020.
Our values are: responsibility, warmth, reputation.

The timeline


Brunnhóll and Árbær

The land is about 800 hectares and extends up to the glacial border of Fláajökull.  Previously the land was often flooded with water from the glacier, but now protected and has gradually grown up. 


The first visitor

The first visitor was an young Japanese who traveled on foot around Iceland.  May 14th he appearared and was pleased to find a home.


Five new rooms

Demand grew and is was decided to add more rooms.  Emphasis was placed on the well-being of the guests.  All new rooms had a private bath.  Spacious liging rooms and kitchens were provided for guests´ convenience. 


New reception and restaurant

Step by step we built better facilities to accommodate a growing number of visitors.


Sixteen new rooms

The next generation took over the cow farm.  The same year a new room wing was built.    Production of ice cream, named Jöklaís, began shortly thereafter.  Jöklaís is made from milk from the farm and is today well know and popular. 


An elegant restaurant

A need for a larger restaurant became necessary.  Everyone who comes here is impressed by the view to Vatnajökull glacier and guided the design of the house.  Over the years the accessibility of people with disabilities has been taken into consideration.


Twelve new rooms

Families are especially welcome at Brunnhóll.  Therefore it was decided to have the newest rooms spacious.  Also to have a good facilities for children indoors and outdoors.


Environmental issues have taken a major place

The concept of reduce, reuse and recycle is part of our management regarding,
among other things such as food waste, waste sorting, saving water and electricity.

This year, some major facilities were installed. A heat pump that manages to heat up water and the house. This saves considerable energy. A wastewater treatment plant for all the sewers. Electric car charging station. In the newest wing of the building there is a heat exchanger that uses the heat from the ventilation system to heat fresh air that is flowing in. Focusing on utilizing products from the farm or in the immediate vicinity. The best examle is the production of the famous Jöklaís icecream, which attracts numerous visitors from all over the world.

Varmadæla sem sér um að hita upp allt neysluvatn og hýbýli með tilheyrandi sparnaði á raforku.

Fullkomin hreinsistöð fyrir alla fráveitu.

Hleðslustöð fyrir rafbíla.

Í nýjasta húsinu er varmaskiptir sem nýtir hitann frá loftræstingu til að hita upp ferskt loft sem streymt er inn.

Ísborðið er opið fyrir gesti og gangandi frá 10 – 22, alla daga á opnunartíma gistiheimilis.