In 2007 the Ice Cream factory Jöklaís (Glacier Ice Cream) was founded at Brunnhóll. In collaboration with Farmhouse Ice Cream we are proud to provide our customers with high-quality ice cream which does not contain any unnatural substances such as colourings, stabilisers, flavourings etc.

Production process is short; starts in the morning along with milking the cows when the cream is separated from the fresh milk. The cream, mixed with milk, egg yolk, sugar and flavourings, is then put in the ice cream machine where it´s pasteurized and cooled to freezing point. Jöklaís Ice cream can thus be served within the same day the cow was milked.

No conservatives are added to our ice cream but since the production takes such short time the ice cream can be kept frozen for 12 months.

We emphasize on quality over quantity when making our ice cream so each portion delivers about 10 litres of fresh delicacy. This makes it possible for us to meet our customers demand and allow them to choose their favourite flavour of the 400 recipes available. In addition Jöklaís makes sorbet with various flavours, of which strawberry has proven to be our customer´s favourite.

Whether an overnight guest at Brunnhóll guesthouse or a “passerby”, you should not miss the opportunity to indulge yourself with unique, home-made Jöklaís.